What is Familia?


Familia is a Catholic program committed to strengthening all families. It is Familia's mission to strengthen families by helping men and women live their vocation to marriage and parenthood in all its fullness. 

The family is the bedrock of our society. This is where God has made known his presence in a most unique and unrepeatable way. Familia equips men and women with practical tools that will enable them to become spouses, fathers and mothers their family needs.

Familia does this by providing a variety of programs for teams of men, women, or couples in a parish or neighborhood.  Participants enjoy guided discussions lead by trained facilitators.  Small groups use a workbook to help participants prepare and guide the discussions. Each question clearly references back to a portion of the reading where the principle can be discovered and read together during the team meeting. 

Select the Programs option across the top bar to see the variety of programs available.  You will find an option to download a PDF listing all of the programs and documents they cover.  For each program a PDF of a promotional tool and one lesson is available for download so you can easily promote the program as well as and review the lesson format and contents.  If you need more information, please call us at 763-391-0205 and we will be happy to help you.

Click the link to hear the Most Reverend Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, KY, endorsment of Familia.

Web Clip Archbishop Kurtz 2010.mp3


Comprehensive training resources are available to Familia Faciltiators.  The Facilitators Essentials Online Course, Answer Keys, and Lesson Training Audios are provided at no cost for Facilitators who have purchased their workbooks.  Just click Contact Us to request access.  Please include your name and the program you need access for.

Facilitators Essentials Course:  This is a 6-session online course that takes about 2 hours to complete.  The contents include the purpose and how to lead each part of a lesson, group dynamics, and how to give personalized attention to each participant.  Click the Resources tab to experience this course at no charge.

Answer Keys:   Familia programs all contain suggested answers to help spur and develop discussions, as well as to guide the facilitator in keeping discussions on track and in line with the teachings of the Church.  These are available online.

Online Lesson Training Audios:  Most Familia programs also contain 10-20 minute MP3 audios for each lesson.  These audios help to model facilitator techniques as well as how to field potential questions that may arise during the lesson.

Teamwork and Facilitator Support:

Better results are achieved in Familia teams with 2 facilitators who receive support from each other and, if possible, another person in the parish or diocese who meets with them regularly to follow the progress of their work, encourage them in their work of conversion in their lives and the lives of others, and review difficult concepts in the lessons to strengthen their confidence in leading their team.  Some cities have regular facilitator training meetings where this is offered, but it can easily be implemented at any diocesan or parish level.  Contact us for more information.

To request facilitator access, simply send us an email through the contact us area of the website with your name, email, and the program you would like access for.