Overview of Familia

The peace of knowing your family is on the right track

You love your family. They are worth the investment of your time. Be a part of a Catholic program that can help you reach the heights God has planned for you. See for yourself what the Church really has to offer your marriage. 

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The Familia Impact

The benefits have been so numerous I can hardly name them all, but probably the most profound is an even deeper love for my husband and children, the church and its teachings.

Brenda McGrath, Minneapolis, MN

As my Familia Family Life Team discussed the deep issues of Catholic family living, Familia brought out the very best in us. Being able to discuss the somewhat delicate aspects of faith with others on the same path became a tool for strengthening all our families and marriages.

Brenda McGrath, Minneapolis, MN

Familia has meant stability, stimulation, and support — stability in marriage, stimulating discussion at my meetings and with my husband after the meetings about what it means to be a Catholic, and support from other mothers of young children who are practicing the faith and passing it on to their children in their domestic church.

Kristin K. Knight, Olathe, KS

Familia emphasized the idea that faith in Christ must be an integral part of my every thought, word and action. I would recommend Familia to anyone. It is amazing how such a simple program can make such a difference!

Ted Daigle, Youngsville, LA

Through Familia my family has become more involved in our church. We grew more prayerful, more charitable, more loving. I have fallen in love with the Catholic Church. Thank you, Father, for offering this in our parish.

Joyce, New Orleans, LA

Five years ago, I was considering leaving my marriage. My faith was only a seed that had never been watered. Familia taught me so much about my faith and living my vocation as a wife and mother. My marriage is strong now. So much has changed in my life, my family! I thank the Lord for the gift of this apostolate.

Rebecca Pearson, MI

Familia has helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for my marriage and family life. I have been given the tools to be the husband and father that Christ is asking me to be.

Steven Salazar, Portland, OR

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