How Familia Began

In 1993 several Regnum Christi couples in Minneapolis, Minnesota worked as a team to develop materials, structure and training to promote the well-being of the family. Each element was thought through carefully. The many challenges families face today needed to addressed and real attainable solutions provided. Familia works hard to transmit the ideas, principles and practical tools that bring clarity and peace to family life. Families built on the bedrock of truth know what love is and how to transmit it.

June 29, 2012 Cana Family Institute, a private not-for-profit operating out of Brooklyn Park, MN assumed full rights and ownership of the Familia materials and programs making them part of Cana Family Institute family.  Cana Family Institute intends to build upon the experience Familia brings by continuing to offer parish based prorams that form leaders in the area of marriage and family life.